Bronx Office Space

Bronx at a Glance

The Bronx is located north of Manhattan and is separated from Manhattan by the Bronx River. This borough has a lot of attractions that also make it an ideal place for commercial office space. The Bronx has a lot of parks and open spaces for individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors and taking lunch breaks at a park. The Bronx is the fourth largest in land area and fourth most populated of the five boroughs of New York. Van Cortlandt Park is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in the Bronx. Many of the residents of the Bronx routinely visit the park for a workout or a nice walk through the park. This park is also the home to many high school track meets run by the Public School Athletic League so make sure to check out a race or two if you work and live at the Bronx. One of the Bronx’s main attractions is the Bronx Hub district, which is the retail heart of the South Bronx. This area of the Bronx resembles a miniature Times Square. There is a large number of people that visit the retail heart of the South Bronx on a daily basis. Another area of the Bronx that has a large pedestrian population is the Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market which is a huge shopping center, located just south of Yankee Stadium. Lastly—and to many New Yorkers not leastly—Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx and brings many locals and tourists to that area of the Bronx during baseball season.