Gramercy Office Space

Gramercy at a Glance

The Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan is very unique and perfect for businesses looking for a peaceful and quieter neighborhood. There are few avenues that run through the neighborhood, which means many people do not visit this neighborhood that much. Furthermore, Gramercy is a very peaceful neighborhood. Since 2006, the neighborhood averaged less than 1 murder a year. The neighborhood also has a large amount of trees. One of the main attractions of Gramercy is Gramercy Park, which is a small, fenced-in private park. The park is at the core of the neighborhood and is one of only two private parks in New York City. The park is a great place to take a lunch break if workers wish to take a small break with a peaceful surrounding. Only people that reside around the park and pay receive a key to the park. The private park is very tranquil because not everyone can enter the park. The park has not changed much throughout the years and has a historic feeling to it. Furthermore, Gramercy Park is one of New York City’s landmarks and has not changed for eighty years. Gramercy Park is a very quiet and safe area, so much so that Gramercy has experienced little turmoil. The buildings in Gramercy are aesthetically beautiful. East 19th Street is considered as “Block Beautiful” for the wide array of architecture. If you are looking for office space in a less noisy area of Manhattan then Gramercy Park is a prime location for you.