Murray Hill Office Space

Murray Hill at a Glance

Murray Hill is a neighborhood located in Midtown Manhattan. This neighborhood is located near Curry Hill, another ethnic enclave in Manhattan. Curry Hill has a large Indian population and a high concentration of Indian restaurants, in case workers wish to have Indian food while on a lunch break. Furthermore, Murray Hill has a mystique all on its own. The neighborhood is located near the Empire State Building and is just south of Grand Central. Grand Central is one of the most populated areas of Manhattan because all of the people that use Grand Central to travel within Manhattan. There are also a lot of people leaving and entering Manhattan through Grand Central. Grand Central is a beautiful location for workers to explore during their free time. Murray Hill used to be an area where wealthy residents used to live. Today, the brownstones still exist, but most of the brownstones have been subdivided and become rental apartments. The neighborhood is filled with many recent college graduates because the apartments are significantly cheaper than other areas of Manhattan. Additionally, the neighborhood is excellent for businesses that want to work near where they live because apartments in this neighborhood are more reasonable. Most people that work in Murray Hill also live close by and so there is also a residential feeling to the neighborhood. If you are a growing business that is looking for a great neighborhood in Manhattan to relocate your business, then you should look into Murray Hill.