Historic District Office Space

Historic District at a Glance

Located in the northwest area of downtown Dallas, the West End Historic District is included on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is considered to be one of Dallas’ Landmark Districts. Officially designated and zoned as a Historic District in 1975 by the City of Dallas, the West End was the first area in the city to be given height limitations when it comes to new buildings. This special zoning allowed for the preservation of some of the city’s older buildings, which would have otherwise been demolished and quickly swallowed up by the skyscrapers of modern Dallas. In June of 1976 a developer by the name of Preston Carter Jr. took initiative, revitalizing the Historic District in order to preserve its history. Old warehouses and beautiful brick buildings were converted into restaurants and retail space, which today help make the Historic District one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. One of the most popular restaurants, The Spaghetti Warehouse opened up in the warehouse district in 1972 and remains as popular now as it did back then. Thanks to the efforts of the West End Association, area businesses and property owners, the 20-block area of the West End Historic District generates millions of dollars every year and employs roughly 10,000 people. The area is also a popular destination for numerous annual conventions, trade shows and other special events.