Main Street District Office Space

Main Street District at a Glance

The Main Street District in Downtown Dallas, Texas is considered the spine of the city by some, and the heart of Dallas by many. Bounded by Lamar, Elm and Commerce Streets, as well as the US 75 elevated highway, the Main Street District connects a good number of Dallas’ business and entertainment districts. Historically speaking, Main Street was considered the center of the city with many major retailers, hotels, banks, and skyscrapers calling the area home. Unfortunately, as the city ebbed and flowed into the future, Main Street became little more than a reflection of the city’s past. Many of the historical buildings found in the Main Street District were insufficient in terms of size, amenities and functionality and as the city started to expand north and east, City Center District would eventually overtake Main Street as Dallas’ commercial hub. The Main Street District has the distinction of becoming the first Downtown Dallas district to experience an extensive urban revival of sorts. This urban revival breathed new life into a neglected, nearly forgotten part of the city, where the restoration of the historical buildings made them relevant and enticing to businesses—new and old, once again. Among the notable sites located in the Main Street District – Pegasus Plaza, an urban plaza surrounded by historical buildings and popular city sites such as the Magnolia Hotel (formerly headquarters for the Magnolia Petroleum Company), Iron Cactus Restaurant, Adolphus Tower and the Kirby Building. Pegasus Plaza is a popular site for locals as well as tourists, and makes for the perfect lunch spot for those working in the area. The Main Street District is chock-full of sidewalk restaurants, night clubs and bars, retail stores, all balanced by an abundance of greenery.