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Uptown is what’s known as a PID, or “public improvement district,” located just to the north of Downtown Dallas, Texas. Considered one of the most walkable and pedestrian-friendly communities in Texas, much of the Uptown area is new construction and largely “new urbanist.” Many of the facilities now considered “Uptown institutions” were created towards the end of the 20th century or in the early part of the 21st century, coinciding with the new urbanist urban planning movement. Uptown is known for its multi-use development, which appeals to the area’s young professionals and encourages this increasingly pedestrian culture to thrive. One of the densest districts in terms of Dallas office space, residential and commercial space, Uptown features a myriad of different types of structures, each of which adds to the area’s uniquely urban look and feel. While much of the surrounding area could be classified as “suburban,” Uptown maintains a very strong urban presence, drawing in those talented and increasingly wealthy young professionals. It’s this thriving population of young professionals that helps make Uptown appealing to employers looking to staff their ranks with promising new talent. Local retailers, bars and restaurants also rely on Uptown’s younger demographic to patronize their establishments. Stroll down any tree-lined street in the Uptown district or hop aboard the McKinney Avenue Trolley and you’ll instantly recognize the mixed-use development which defines this richly diverse community. You’ll notice a mix of office buildings, residential towers, apartment complexes, retail centers, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. While Uptown offers pretty much every amenity you could possibly want for, it is only a hop, skip and jump away from a variety of popular cultural and recreational facilities including the Katy Trail, the AT&T Performing Arts Center and the American Airlines Center.

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