Cy Fair Office Space

Cy Fair at a Glance

Cy-Fair is located near U.S. Highway 290, which is very beneficial for businesses in need of easy access to the rest of the city and outbound highways. Cy-Fair is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Downtown Houston. The neighborhood also ranks 50th in the top 100 highest-income urban areas in America making Cy-Fair a great location for growing businesses. Cy-Fair has two distinct types of geographic profiles separated by Highway 290. Above highway 290 Cy-Fair is forested and thickly wooded and south of highway is ranchland and grassy prairie. Cy-Fair had a large scale residential and commercial development in the 1980’s and as a result it is now one of Houston’s largest suburban communities. People looking to move into a great community should really consider Cy-Fair. One of the best attractions in Cy-Fair is the Berry Center, which is an $80 million multi use complex. The Berry Center has a football stadium, basketball arena and multimedia production center. Cy-Fair is also home to Tin Hall, one of the oldest Dance Halls in Texas. Make sure to take advantage of these great attractions when working in Cy-Fair. TheSquareFoot can help you find office space in Cy-Fair that fits your needs.