East Harlem Office Space

East Harlem at a Glance

East Harlem is located in the northeastern area of Manhattan. It is bounded by East 142nd Street along the Harlem River, East 96th Street on the South, Fifth Avenue and the East River. East Harlem is another one of the ethnic enclaves in Manhattan. This neighborhood is also known as Spanish Harlem and El Barrio because it is one of the largest predominantly Latino Communities in New York City. East Harlem is a great location for businesses tailored to the Latino community, which is increasing at a rapid pace. Also, by being located in East Harlem your business would be able to experience the Latino culture. Experience the food, music and culture on your free time. El Barrio made many contributions to the Salsa music. It is a neighborhood that is largely made up of are Puerto Ricans, but also has a growing population of Mexicans, Dominicans and Central Americans. The neighborhood is also located nearby the Harlem River and the East River. Harlem River separates Manhattan from the Bronx. The Columbia University crew team also largely uses the Harlem River. Furthermore, the East River separates Long Island from Manhattan and the Bronx. Recently, there have been projects to clean up the East River because it used to be dangerous for people that attempted to swim in it. However, the river is very swift, which is a danger because it can push swimmers out to sea. Anyone that enjoys large bodies of water should take into consideration placing their offices in this neighborhood.