Lower East Side at a Glance

The Lower East Side is a neighborhood located in the southeastern part of Manhattan. The Lower East Side is a lively neighborhood with great restaurants, good live music, bars and a diverse community. Many Puerto Ricans and Dominicans live in the Lower East Side. Furthermore, there are also large amounts of Japanese and Bangladeshi people that have immigrated to the Lower East Side. Additionally, because the neighborhood was once a large Jewish enclave, there are many historic synagogues located within the Lower East Side. The fourth oldest synagogue building in the United States, the Angel Orensanz Center is located in this neighborhood. The neighborhood also has a lot of live music venues and bars, which makes it a popular nightlife destination. There are also a large amount of contemporary art galleries in the Lower East Side, which makes the neighborhood a more pleasant place to have an office. Also, the Lower East Side is home to many bands that perform live. Many of the bars offer performance space and are known for the performances that occur. The Lower East Side has many attractions, from its artwork to the nightlife. This makes the neighborhood a great place for offices to situate themselves in. Like other neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Lower East Side is home to unique and excellent restaurants. Workers could enjoy the great restaurants during their lunch break. The Lower East Side is an ideal location for office space.

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