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Once you’ve found the perfect home for your business, your broker manages every step of the leasing process to ensure you get the most responsible agreement your company needs.

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Your lease is official and you’re ready to move into your new office home. Congratulations! But now what? Relax. We’re still here to help. Need movers? Done. An interior designer? Check. Good coffee? Obviously.

TheSquareFoot difference

Few things are more challenging than finding a new office, we know. Connecting to brokers, negotiating price per square foot, navigating the legal hurdles, the logistics of a build out — and that’s all before you sign the lease. The problem is, we’ve never had a technology-driven, people-first solution in this industry. TheSquareFoot are here to change that. We want to partner with you to help you find, not just search. To guide you to new opportunities, not hand you a list and tell you to fend for yourself. To define our success by seeing your team in their new home, not closing a deal.

We place companies of all shapes and sizes in new office space every year. We’ve tackled just about every financial obstacle, every legal hurdle, every business demand head on, so you don’t have to. We’ll be your voice, your advocate, your guide through every step of this process. We focus on getting your team where they’ll be most productive, So you can focus on getting your business to its highest potential.

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TheSquareFoot has helped us find space several times as we have grown from 5 employees to 150+ employees. Our office is crucial to our company culture and brand and TheSquareFoot understood that from day one.

Philip Krim


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Real people, real support

TheSquareFoot brokers are different than the average. They’re focused on relationships not closing deals. They have pride in their work and their company. They are constantly learning, constantly working to get better, smarter, more experience.

Why should I use a broker?

There’s a lot involved with selecting a space, negotiating the lease terms, and moving in. We enable you to remain focused on growing your business. The better question is, why would you not use a broker?

Why is your broker team better?

Our brokers are salaried and don't work for commission. In addition, our technology frees our brokers from having to prospect for clients. This means our brokers have more time to focus on providing you with excellent service and can go to bat for you throughout the leasing process.

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