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Bellaire Commercial Space

Houston, Tx

Bellaire at a Glance

$ 26 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in Bellaire

Bellaire, located Southwest of Downtown Houston, is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston and is actually its own separate city. It is known as the “City of Homes.” Most of the city is residential, but there is plenty of office space within the city as well. Additionally, the city is a part of the Metro Transit Authority of Harris County, which makes travelling within the city relatively easy. The City of Bellaire has property zoned for light industrial, commercial, and mixed-use residential and commercial uses. Bellaire has several high-rise office buildings along Interstate 610. Frost Bank's Houston-area offices are located in Bellaire. AT&T has its Houston headquarters in an office building located at 6500 West Loop South. The building was with SBC Corporation before it absorbed the former AT&T. The main offices of the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce, which assists economic activity in and around the area, are located in Bellaire. Chevron has a 33 acre campus at 4800 Fournace Place in Bellaire that is the headquarters for the Chevron Pipeliine Company as well as several other business units. Prior to the merger between Chevron and Texaco, the facility was owned by Texaco. The Consulate General of Sweden moved to Bellaire in 1953. At one point the Consulate General of Honduras in Houston was located at 6700 West Loop South in Bellaire. As of 2009, however, the Honduran Consulate-General and the Swedish Honorary Consulate are located in Houston. Like many other cities in Houston, there are many parks located in Bellaire. Bellaire Zindler Park has a neighborhood pool, two tennis courts, a gazebo, jogging trail, open playground, the Bellaire Recreation Center and the Bellaire Civic Center. The Vic Driscoll Park is just open space for people to use. Evergreen park has a neighborhood pool, a playground and picnic area. Bellaire also has Feld Park, Joe Gaither Park, Jacquet Park, Lafayette Park, Loftin Park and Paseo Park. For those interested in moving their office to Bellaire visit TheSquareFoot for all your office space needs!